Results and Outcomes

  •  Design logo of the project;
  • Consortium the website production, design the website, upload and update all information;
  •  Evaluation questionnaire at the end of each meeting and collate of the results;
  •  Research/reports about the situation in partners’ countries, related to the topic;
  • Distributed for translation each chapter of handbook into all native languages of partners;
  • New techniques and methods of best practice can be integrated into on-going activities in each country of partners as well as the direction the partnership is taking;
  • Creation of the script for good practice manual (CD) (collection of all project materials and results) or/and booklet (project info, testimonials- PwD (adult individuals with mental health disabilities ) employees, parents, carers and any other stakeholders ) or/and brochure (collection of good practices of PwD from partners’ countries and others, new methods and approaches of support for right career choice);
  • Dissemination CDs or/and booklets or/and brochures;
  • Evaluation & Exploitation of results.