1. To produce a best practice sharing and a product-oriented cooperation with European countries
  2. To make a European-wide studies about vocational guidance and employment strategies and to form a basis for future cooperation
  3. To analyse the current vocational guidance practices and employment strategies in different European countries
  4. As a result of the analysis, to determine good practices and to ensure their implementation 
  5. To determine the satisfaction rate of the learners who have chosen their vocational field
  6. To identify the future expectations of the learners who have not been satisfied with      their chosen field
  7. To determine which factors influence the learners’ vocational field choices and use the best practice to eliminate the negative ones
Further objectives that will be targeted during the meetings are:

• To compare the different European cultures and how this affects or contributes to the work methods in the field
• To learn skills and techniques from each other
• To produce a good practice manual of the findings in the field

The project is based upon a multidisciplinary approach. It’s grounded upon a sharing of different types of knowledge and practice.

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