Methodological basis

The methodological basis of the project is composed of several theoretical and practical strategies:

  • vocational education system referring to coordination of the conceptions of pragmatism, humanism and existentialism, oriented towards the development of person’s individuality and social participation;
  • modern theories of social integration of persons with disabilities (inclusion, normalization, valorization of social roles, enablement, vocational rehabilitation);
  • paradigm of social construction according to which the relations of the society are constantly being constructed;
  •  teaching of modern empirical social research methodology about the paradigms of quantitative and qualitative research, coordination of quantitative and qualitative research referring to triangulation principle.

The project is unambiguously related to Leonardo da Vinci programme –  is based on the Bordeaux Communiqué. Where it is aimed to solve the following priority areas of common policy of vocational training:

  • development of vocational counselling in vocational teaching;
  • improvement of teachers’ and lecturers’ qualification;
  • the aspiration to involve into the activity not only vocational education and training institutions, but also other interested parties, such as mental health service providers, counselling and employment service providers, job coaching institution and psychosocial rehabilitation providers.

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