European Added Value

This consortium is made up of a wide range of European countries and cities that show real diversity throughout, from north to south, from more or less economically developed. It also consists of a variety of institutions, from training institutions to service providers, all of which have something positive to contribute to the project as a whole.

The implementation of the project would create preconditions for real vocational guidance and employment of mentally disabled people to appear. The system of vocational guidance and employment existing does not pay enough attention to the needs of mentally disabled people, applies inappropriate approaches and techniques, the specialists have little knowledge about the aforementioned persons, do not know how to work with them (which methods, techniques and tools to use). Therefore, the creation of a good practice manual including best practices collected from different European counties, its dissemination in participating countries will ensure the improvement of the system of vocational guidance and employment, at the same time mentally disabled people will have a possibility to get enhanced services.

The project aiming to improve vocational guidance and employment strategies for mentally disabled people correspond to the following priorities of common EU policy of vocational counselling: EU investments to human resources, improvement of qualification and competence of the employed, increase of social integration.

By the project it will be aimed to activate collaboration in the EU in the following areas: creation of equal opportunities to enter the labour market especially for those who are socially segregated (Decision No. 1098/2008/EB of the European Parliament and of the Council on European fight with poverty and social segregation (2010); development of active policy of labour market and encouragement to fight the unemployment by preventing it (Detailed work program of the implementation of the European reform of general and vocational education, A B 1, C142. 14 July 2002). In the aforementioned areas all project partners will strive for not only intense collaboration, but also for changes in their countries and their organisations.

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