• Yamek Ltd. will be the host partner for the first meeting 03-08 December 2013 in Sofia (Bulgaria) with the topic “Situation analysis and diagnosis” and for final the 6th meeting  20-24 July 2015 with “Employment and empowerment within the vocational environment” topic. They will responsible for the producing and delivery of dissemination plan together with active participation of all project partners.
  • Construktiva konsult / will be the host  partner for the 2nd meeting 18-22 March  2014 in  Alingsås (Sweden) with “Vocational orientation and new approaches” topic.
  • Yenicag Egitim Bilim Kultur Dernegi will be the host partner for the 3th meeting 23-27 June 2014 with “Vocational education and training on the field” topic and will responsible for the evaluation reports and controlling the quality of the network. They will produce all the evaluation material and SWOT analysis throughout the 2 year period.
  • Plymouth & District Mind Association  will be the host partner for the 4rd meeting 28 October – 1st Nov 2014 with “Vocational rehabilitation and multi-science tools” topic and the 5th meeting 9-13 February 2015 with “Job hunting and job coaching” topic and will coordinate and lead website hosting and updatescomplete interim & final reports and update EST (European Shared Treasure). Learner Diary Questionnaire  produced and distributed at the end of each partner meeting for quality control, analysis of satisfaction of participants and stakeholders and allow participants to record their mobility experience, personal reflections, every participant fill in the document after each project meeting and send it to the coordinating organisation Plymouth Mind.

Also each partner will contribute with: 1) presentation of their organisation; 2) situation analysis/research on local/national level; 3) participation in all partner meetings; 4) active participation in dissemination activities.