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Disabled Making Careers Project Summary

This project runs between August 2013 and July 2015 and brings together 4 organisations from geographically diverse corners of Europe to share best practice in methods of improving career choice of adult individuals with mental health disabilities or learning difficulties, focusing mainly on mental health.

imagesFor most people simple career orientation, vocational education and job coaching are enough (such strategy is becoming more distinct in the whole EU), while for a mentally disabled person it should refer to gaining lots of practical vocational skills, practical testing of the profession, career guidance, job coaching and to end with an employment as an successful outcome. This innovative strategy is relevant to all partner institutions. images (1)

  • Project focuses on how the mentally disabled choose their career fields and how they are satisfied with their choice, what factors influence the choice of the individuals who have not been satisfied with it and what kind of support can be provided for them;
  • Project  also focuses on career orientation, vocational education, vocational rehabilitation, job coaching and employment of mentally disabled persons. These areas and organisation of them for mentally disabled persons differ from that for persons not having such disabilities.